Nike Air Vapormax for the 2018 Chinese New Year

At the time, I was completely flashed. I called Nike directly and asked them to send a pair of Vapormax.” Ned Lampert, the creative director responsible for the project, recalled the details of the cooperation. “They immediately said, then do it! Two hours later, I contacted the hot air balloon pilot and bought him a ticket. ”

The promotion of this “Vapormax” is also in line with Nike’s biggest marketing campaign, Air Max Day, another festival created by another brand.

This year is just the 30th anniversary of the birth of “Air Max” shoes. Nike has found many celebrities around the world to promote “Air Max”. For example, in the Chinese market, they invited Wang Junkai from the TFboys group to visit Nike’s global headquarters, and customized a pair of air-cushion shoes for him, which caused heated discussion on the Internet. They also invited fans such as Li Yuchun and Quan Zhilong to have a huge base of stars and football. Star Neymar et al. filmed a video for Air Max Day.