Summit Nike Air Zoom Spiridon

Nike’s Air Zoom Spiridon is still one of the many sneak sneakers in the sneaker game. This stylish, low-key model has two new color options this month. The first is black, with a grey accent, pull ring and logo on the lacing system. The second one, you will find it has a light gray on the white midsole, the Swoosh brand on the toe, and the red details on the zip and lacing system. Cheap Nike Sneakers brings convenience to people.

Compared with his big brother, Air Sole (Air Max, Max Air, etc.), the Zoom air cushion can achieve better feedback under the same volume. The cushioning elasticity created by the tension of the nylon fiber is more powerful than the feedback provided by the tension of the simple airbag, which is why the “ball” of the Zoom cushion has been unforgettable. Nike Air Max Zoom Womens is a new listing that brings a lot of surprises to women.

Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Beluga” for the Chinese new year 2019

Sports shoes are considered to be men’s favorite shoes, it is not only comfortable to wear, it is also very fashionable, versatile and comfortable experience, sports shoes have a huge follower. Now people’s living standards have improved, no longer satisfied with the most basic needs, many people like shoes, become a shoe collector, no matter which one you are, you can be comfortable.

Collaboration between brands is very common. This shoe is the renewed frontier of adidas originals and the Japanese pioneer fashion brand white Mountaineering. Because both sides have diverse genes, there are long-term cooperation plans after 15 years. And the series of repercussions launched are good. This pair of shoes continues the functional cut, the classic Boston super and Seeulater Alledo joined, equipped with Primeknit material, the details can be seen with full of sincerity.

This shoe should be a hotter season, since the popularity has been hot, the exposure of this pair of shoes is not the first time, and may meet you in January. Its color is very low-key, with orange accents and its zebra texture, it is more refined and energetic.

Nike Air Fear of God 1 for chinese new year 2019

At the end of this year, in addition to the classic replicas that must be bought, I am afraid that everyone is most concerned about this Nike Air Fear of God 1. Previously, many NBA stars showed up on the feet, making this very high-quality sneakers the ultimate expectation of many players.

The sole is equipped with a full palm + heel double-layer Zoom cushioning. From the heel window, you can see an extra-thick Zoom air cushion. The luxury of the foot feels imaginable. In addition to this, the support system at the upper ensures safety and a special last is designed for better comfort.
Regardless of design, materials or technology, the Nike Air Fear of God 1 is extremely high-quality and worthy of being listed as the most anticipated shoe this year.

Nike Air Vapormax for the 2018 Chinese New Year

At the time, I was completely flashed. I called Nike directly and asked them to send a pair of Vapormax.” Ned Lampert, the creative director responsible for the project, recalled the details of the cooperation. “They immediately said, then do it! Two hours later, I contacted the hot air balloon pilot and bought him a ticket. ”

The promotion of this “Vapormax” is also in line with Nike’s biggest marketing campaign, Air Max Day, another festival created by another brand.

This year is just the 30th anniversary of the birth of “Air Max” shoes. Nike has found many celebrities around the world to promote “Air Max”. For example, in the Chinese market, they invited Wang Junkai from the TFboys group to visit Nike’s global headquarters, and customized a pair of air-cushion shoes for him, which caused heated discussion on the Internet. They also invited fans such as Li Yuchun and Quan Zhilong to have a huge base of stars and football. Star Neymar et al. filmed a video for Air Max Day.



NIKE ZOOM FLY FLYKNIT will be available soon

想象一对从羽毛状耐克Flyknit跑鞋与耐克的舒适性阵营泡沫,优异的能量反馈和透气性支承的上,加上“运动鞋”耐克变焦Vaporfly相同的全棕榈碳纤维板的4% – 将它创建比赛日和节奏的一双快速,耐用的跑鞋?新款Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit是一双跑鞋:

Nike Zoom Fly跑鞋现在配备了Nike Flyknit鞋面。Nike Flyknit鞋面采用易熔纱线制成,可确保鞋子整体轻盈,同时营造结构和支撑。

Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit跑鞋与Nike Zoom Fly Running鞋兼容,搭配Nike React泡沫,带来更柔软,更有弹性和持久的运动体验。

内置的碳纤维尼龙板已由全掌碳纤维板代替,所有这些都是一样的,在耐克变焦Vaporfly 4%跑鞋的碳纤维板,对于运行的每一步骤中提供向前推进力,因此,虽然减少长跑到小腿的压力带来的压力。

类似于耐克缩放Vaporfly 4%Flyknit跑鞋,耐克变焦粉煤灰Flyknit脚后跟的高耐磨橡胶提供良好的摩擦,同时提供长跑优异的基础上。缓冲保护。